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22:51, January 1, 2018Cover Art.png (file)6.21 MBInsta31 
20:08, January 1, 2018Cover.png (file)5.02 MBInsta31 
17:07, January 1, 2018Light Yagami 5 Stars Art.gif (file)142 KBInsta31 
16:50, January 1, 2018UI 5 Star Goku Art.gif (file)2.05 MBInsta31 
16:43, January 1, 2018Light 6 Star.jpg (file)200 KBInsta31 
16:14, January 1, 2018Light Yagami 6 Stars -Intelligence-.gif (file)1.4 MBInsta31 
02:29, January 1, 2018Light Yagami 6 Stars -Intelligence-.png (file)439 KBInsta31 

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